6 Purchases To Improve Your Home Cinema Experience

Creating a cinema experience at home is getting easier each year. Technology is not only becoming better, with high-quality projection and audio systems, but also more affordable too, meaning that residents have a greater degree of home cinema options at their fingertips.

Whether you are thinking of establishing a home cinema system of your own or looking for ways to improve the quality of the experience you already have, we have six purchases that might be able to make it even easier for you to recreate the big screen experience within your living space.

Acoustic Panels

The design of a living space rarely accommodates for the intensity of sound produced during a film. As such, there is a greater chance of an echo or damp sound occurring. While some might try to counter this with the use of heavy fabrics, such as curtains, such fabrics tend only to act as insulation, preventing sound from escaping and light from entering.

By purchasing and installing high-quality acoustic panels, rooms can become extremely well insulated, with sound becoming crisper and dryer, making for an immersive cinematic experience.

Smart Lighting

Running back to your seat after turning off the lighting isn’t always ideal, especially in the dark. This is where smart lighting can help, being controlled from a phone or mobile device. There are also colour lighting options too, with smart bulbs that will imitate the colours on screen to give the room an immersive glow without compromising the viewing experience.

Private Cabins

Having an entire room dedicated to movies seems like a dream. However, with the popularity of garden structures like summer houses, more residents are able to create their own private cinema at home. These structures are easily customised and can accommodate a projector too, meaning that going ‘to the cinema’ will mean simply walking across the lawn.

Popcorn Machine

A significant part of the cinema experience is the aroma and taste of popcorn. Having a machine that not only cooks perfect and flavoured popcorn but also fills the room with that wonderful scent is the perfect asset for a cinema space. Other foodie additions too, such as minifridges, can be a great addition, ensuring that snacks are always accessible.

Light-Up Cup Holders

Having to navigate your snacks and drinks in a dark room can be troublesome, leading to a number of spillages. With the simple addition of light-up cup holders, features that glow a faint colour to highlight a safe space for snack and drinks, this issue is eliminated entirely, while also making a room feel more like a cinema.

Cinema Seating

A cosy seat is a must-have for any film, ensuring that fidgeting is reduced to a minimum and that viewers can feel totally cosy throughout the screening. By opting for better cinema seating, however, such as chairs that can recline and those with adjustable headrests, the viewing experience can become perfect, ensuring that audience members feel totally immersed in the big screen.

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